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Rosé Brut

Production area: This Rosé is produced using the finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes from the Abbazia vineyard and Recantina grapes from the Aria Valentina vineyard, situated on the south-facing slope of the Montello hill.

Soil characteristics: Red, iron-rich, clayey soil.

Vineyard: The vines are trained using the double-arched cane system. The number of vines per hectare varies from 4000 to 4800, depending on the vineyard.

Color: Crystalline pale pink.

Bouquet: Delicate floral notes, with a predominance of rose petals and notes of oleander and cyclamen.

Flavour: Fresh, smooth and frothy, very easy drinking with delicious notes of pomegranate, cherry and raspberry. The finish is mineral, refreshing and persistent.

Food pairings: Excellent both as an aperitif and throughout the meal; always suitable for important occasions.

Serving temperature: 6 - 8 ° C.

Effective alcoholic strength: % vol. 12,00 ± 0,50

Residual sugar: g/l 8,00 ± 1,0

Type of packaging: 0,75 L.

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