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Production area Sparkling wine made with the best Glera grapes coming from vineyards located in the Veneto region in the Piave area of the Marca Trevigiana and more specifically from the vineyards of the “Case Bianche” estate.

Soil characteristics: Medium textured soil

Vineyard: The Sylvoz training system is used, with anywhere between 3500 to 3500 vines per hectare.

Effective alcoholic strength: % vol. 11.00 ± 0.80

Color: pale straw yellow with green hue.

Bouquet: intense yet delicate fruity and floral notes. At first rich Abate Fetel pear, peach, passion fruit and banana, that lead to citrus notes of clementine, green tea and Lesser Calamint.

Flavour: fresh and savory, very enjoyable and harmonious.

Food pairings: Excellent both as an aperitif and throughout the meal; always suitable for important occasions.

Serving temperature: 6 - 8 ° C.

Type of packaging: 750 ml

Available colours

This product is available on request in the following color variants:

orange, yellow, peach and pink.

Information contact: info@giustiwine.com

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