23 April 2024

Available in our Wine Shop, the new version of Recantina 2021, entirely vinified and aged in amphora.


The Barrique cellar

Just a short distance from the Abbey of Nervesa della Battaglia, in a place where bountiful nature merges with history, amid rolling hills where for centuries a great legacy of knowledge and tradition has been handed down: this is the Abbazia vineyard and under the Barchessa is the barrique cellar where Umberto I, Giusti Wine’s iconic wine, rests for thirty months.

This wine is a Bordeaux blend and conveys the international dimension of the winery in its approach, philosophy and type. In the barrique cellar, technology, attention to detail, meticulous care and cleanliness all come together during the winemaking process to give a superb and luxurious wine of great depth, which is a worthy contender to Bordeaux from all over the world. The wine rests for 30 long months in oak barrels under the imposing and austere vaults made of ancient bricks. The barrique cellar and wine are dedicated to Ermenegildo Giusti’s grandfather, the “founder” of a tradition which today is even stronger than before. The architect’s brief was to come up with an interior design which reflected that of ancient barrique cellars, with their low ceilings and light where wine is left to rest in wooden barrels for a couple of years. A large red brick barrel-vaulted ceiling was therefore added and seven recesses were built on both sides. The cellar is fitted with new mechanical systems for chilling and dehumidification.


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