19 March 2024

Great achievement for our Asolo Prosecco Superiore Extra Brut by Graziana Grassini, which received a gold medal, at the Prosecco Master 2024 of “The Drink Business.”

Our Headquarters

The heart of our Operations and our main office is located in Nervesa della Battaglia, a rural village in the province of Treviso, Italy.

Our main office, the heart of our operations, is a late nineteenth-century rural village in the province of Treviso, where the Rosalia and Rolando vineyards meet. The village has a long history: formerly called “Case Sigismondi”, during the First World War it lay just behind the front line and saw some of the final great battles in Italy of the terrible conflict. In the Second World War it was a military command post. The entire property is spread over more than 1000 square metres and has been restored, preserving its character and history. The restoration maintained the rural style of the buildings, which are considered good examples of landscape architecture, and restored the ancient courtyard at the front where the farm work was done in the past. The main entrance leads to the courtyard then to the portico which is decorated with frescoes by the artist Sergio Favotto. Ahead lie over 20 hectares of the Rolando vineyard and the natural area with the lake and the corten steel tower. From the top of the tower you can see the whole Montello area, the Piave River and the Dolomites, and it is the focal point of the lovely walk which winds its way between the vines and two rows of mulberries. As well as the administrative and commercial spaces, with a reception room, conference room, tasting room and open plan offices, our headquarters also house a wine shop where visitors can purchase the wines produced on the estate, and the Country House Case Rolando, offering welcoming accommodation with all the comforts.


Campagna finanziata ai sensi del reg. ue n. 1308/2013

Campaign financed according to eu reg. no. 1308/2013