24 November 2023

This year in our shop and in the Abbey of St. Eustachio, you will find panettone and pandoro from the “Città della Speranza” Foundation.
The contribution goes entirely to paediatric research to help give hope to all those children waiting for a cure.

We are waiting for you for your Christmas presents.


Benedictine complex Saint Eustace

The Benedictine complex of Saint Eustace, which had been partly restored in 1992, is currently undergoing further restoration to give this property of great historical, archaeological and architectural importance back to the community. The project is being funded by Società Agricola Giusti Dal Col and the Ministry has granted the company use of the site provided it restores, maintains and opens it to the public when work is finished.

Of architectural interest, a survey has revealed the complex was constructed in several different stages – it has 12th century masonry work with details reminiscent of churches from the other side of the Alps, and monastery buildings of a later period. From an archaeological point of view, the numerous surveys carried out have not only provided more details about the various stages of the Abbey’s evolution, but they have also uncovered simple graves with no grave goods inside the church we have today, which could conceivably belong to the first holy building erected on the site.

The restoration

The restoration of the church ruins and part of the monastery will, on the whole, be strictly conservative, while the rest of the complex will be given a new layout to enable visitors to understand and appreciate the various different stages in its construction. Several visitor routes will be created, as well as observation points to admire the surrounding countryside.




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