19 March 2024

Great achievement for our Asolo Prosecco Superiore Extra Brut by Graziana Grassini, which received a gold medal, at the Prosecco Master 2024 of “The Drink Business.”

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Young grappa

Alcoholic strenght: 40% vol.

Vintage: October 2012

Distillation process: Continuous steam distillation

Colour: Crystalline transparency

Aroma: Its bouquet offers abundant flowery and fruity and meadow flowers

Flavour: The light, soft body has a persistent finish which ends with a note of wild elderberry

General features: Young and crystalline clear Grappa with a big personality, Giovane Giusti is a pure, fresh but distinctive spirit. This white grappa is obtained with a blend of pomaces coming from red and white grapes know to be outstanding for distillation. It lies for more than two months in large used oak Tonneaux before being bottled, thus giving the product its typical mellowness.

Serving suggestions: Giovane Giusti Grappa is best served at a temperature between 10° and 12° C in a white wine glass, such as a Riesling glass, after it has been allowed to breathe for a couple of minutes.

Food pairings: Ideal as an accompaniment for fresh fruit in season or as an aperitif in fruit-based cocktails.

Bottle size: 0,5 L.

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