24 November 2023

This year in our shop and in the Abbey of St. Eustachio, you will find panettone and pandoro from the “Città della Speranza” Foundation.
The contribution goes entirely to paediatric research to help give hope to all those children waiting for a cure.

We are waiting for you for your Christmas presents.


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Reserve grappa

Alcoholic strength: 42% Vol.

Vintage: September 2007.

Distillation process: Batch distillation by bain-marie and steam still.

Wood used: French medium-toasted oak TRONCAIS barriques.

Filled into cask: December 2007.

Drawn from cask: February 2013.

Colour: Intense brown with amber glints.

Aroma: Heady sensations of liquorice and subtle notes of walnut, cinnamon and vanilla on the nose. A “mellow” aroma of mature date and carob add a further distintive touch to the already elegant bouquet.

Flavour: Fine, intense, complex and velvety with no harshness.

Finish: Ints of dried fruit and spicy nots are delicately embraced by a pleasant alcoholic sensation. Regal persistence.

General features: Giusti Riserva is our first trail of grappa aged in “barriques” previously used to hold local superior red wines and for which a new one-of-a-kind technique has been to treat the staves. Giusti Riserva grappa is a blend, that is, a grappa made up from several spirits made from different grape marcs of different vintages. In this case the grappa has been aged for 6 years. The one-wine Troncais oak barrels imaprt characteristic features to the product.

Serving suggestions: Giusti Riserva Grappa is best served at room temperature in a Bordeaux winr glass after it has been allowed to breathe for a couple of minutes.

Food pairings The fullness of the flavour is enhanced by chocolate made with 65% cocoa, or by a sprinkling of orange peel and for those who really want to spoil themselves, with a good Cuban cigar.

Bottle size: 0,5 L.

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